Nature or Nurture? The David Reimer Story Gendered Souls?

Biology is Fate The David Reimer Case I am the eternal

In school, she was relentlessly teased for her masculine gait, tastes, and behaviors. She complained to her parents and teachers that she felt like a boy; the adultson Dr. Money's strict orders of secrecyinsisted that she was only going through a phase. Similar studies of other cases, in which the gender of intrasexual or sexually-disfgured children has been arbitrarily decided and then implemented by psychological means, are only now being carried out. This case has been a victory for those opposed to the idea of indefinite environmental determinism, but at the cost. David Reimer, Just shy of a month ago, I got a call from David Reimer's father telling me that David had taken his own life. I was shocked, but I cannot say I was surprised. Both the twins were increasingly objecting to their yearly meetings with Dr. Money, and the last time the family met him was in 1979. With her obviously masculine physique and behaviour, it was becoming obvious that the " sex change " had comprehensively failed. When David was almost 30, he met Dr. Milton Diamond, a psychologist at the University of Hawaii and a longtime rival of Dr. Money. A biologist by training, Diamond had always been curious about the fate of the famous twin, especially after Money mysteriously stopped publishing follow-ups in the late.

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Anyone familiar with David's lifeas a baby, after a botched circumcision, he underwent an operation to change him from boy to girlwould have understood that the real mystery was how he managed to stay alive for 38 years, given the physical and mental torments he suffered in childhood and that.

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Brenda was, apparently, a perfectly normal, perfectly feminine seven-year-old girl. It was a triumph for environment over gene s. Over the following years, Money continued to follow-up on the twins and reported that everything was going smoothly.
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