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Is this what we want to do?  There is simply no good reason anyone needs semiautomatic, military-style assault weapons in an urban community.  It is unfathomable to me that the same high-powered sniper rifle used by our Armed Forces will be permitted in the Nation's Capitol.  This has helped substantially in the fight against illegal interstate gun trafficking, and it has prevented criminals from traveling to other States to buy guns. Senator Ensign's amendment repeals this longstanding Federal law and allows DC residents to cross State lines to buy handguns in neighboring States.  I cannot think of any place more sensitive than the District of Columbia.  Even bans on "dangerous and unusual weapons" are completely appropriate under the Heller decision.  So it is interesting to me that you have this decision, and then you have the Senate moving even to obliterate what is. I don't think so. The amendment even repeals the D.C. law prohibiting gun possession by people who have poor vision.  I heard Senator Schumer speak about this yesterday afternoon.  Unbelievably, under this a). Supreme Court indicated were permissible under the second amendment in the Heller decision.  I strongly disagree with the Supreme Court decision in Heller that the Second Amendment gives individuals a right to possess weapons for private purposes not related to State militias, and that the Constitution does not permit a.

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It is worth noting just how far this amendment goes in repealing DC law and just how unsafe it will make the streets of this Capitol.  Here is what it would do:  It would repeal DC's ban on semiautomatic weapons, including assault weapons.

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Yet this is exactly what the amendment would allow if passed by the Senate. Next, the amendment would repeal existing Federal anti-gun trafficking laws.  For years, Federal law has banned gun dealers from selling handguns directly to out-of-State buyers who are not licensed firearms dealers. 
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