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He visited several concentration camps to examine the possibility of using the highly toxic gas, Zyklon B, on the inmates. Kurt Gerstein Kurt Gerstein was sent to Belzec Extermination Camp to meet with Christian Wirth. The result was a severe witch hunt against me. But because of my great successes and my personality I was protected and kept in office. In January 1942 I became head of the department of health engineering and in addition in a double function for the same sector I was. If so, why was the report not leaked at least to the press? Because, to put it in the shortest possible way, it was August 1942. The Swedish Embassy in Berlin was besieged by unfortunate Jews." Laqueur believes that the numbers requesting entry to Sweden would increase if this information.

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Together with us travelled - merely by chance - Professor Dr. med. Pfannenstiel, SS-Obersturmbannführer, full Professor of Hygienics at the University of Marburg/Lahn. Then we drove by car to Lublin where the SS-Gruppenführer Globocnik awaited us.

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In addition I was recognized as such an authority and considered so competent as an expert on prussic acid, that in every case it would have been very easy for me to declare on some pretext that the prussic acid was unsuitable - because of decomposition or the like.
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