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On this day in History, Stalin banishes Trotsky on Jan 11, 1928. Learn more about what happened today on History. Trotsky felt he could not follow Lenin over this issue. "In 1903 the whole point at issue was nothing more than Lenin's desire to get Axelrod and Zasulitch off the editorial board. I would wink again, and she would try to stifle her laughter under the oilcloth and would hit her head against the table. This would infect me and sometimes my older sister too, who, with thirteen-year-old dignity, vacillated between the grown-ups and the children. The idea of a split within the board seemed nothing short of sacrilegious to me." A large number of the Social Democratic Party joined the Bolsheviks. This included Gregory Zinoviev, Anatoli Lunacharsky, Joseph Stalin, Mikhail Lashevich, Nadezhda Krupskaya, Mikhail Frunze, Alexei Rykov, Yakov Sverdlov, Lev Kamenev, Maxim Litvinov, Vladimir Antonov. If our laughter became too uncontrollable, I was obliged to slip under the table and crawl among the feet of the grown-ups, and, stepping on the cat's tail, rush out into the next room, which was the nursery.

Those who remained loyal to Martov became known as Mensheviks. Trotsky argued in My Life: An Attempt at an Autobiography (1930 "How did I come to be with the 'softs' at the congress?

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Sections Bolsheviks and Mensheviks Trotsky and Bloody Sunday The 1905 Russian Revolution. Leon Trotsky exiled to Siberia First World War Trotsky and the April Theses. Provisional Government The Russian Revolution People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs Leon Trotsky and Brest-Litovsk.
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