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You know theres gonna be resistance there. The mayors gonna have his own supporters that are gonna be denigrating the paper and the media coverage and saying its unfair. Same thing happens with us. It simply addresses issues as they arise in the church. We report stories that come to us. And the Catholic Church right now is in a very newsworthy situation. I guess I could say it that way. Hes in violation of that, because of failure to report. And so because of those reasons, thats why we called for his resignation. Finn Addresses National Catholic Reporter In his recent column, Bishop Robert Finn said the Reporter has been a long-standing source of frustration for the Church, and he. And I think we exercise that freedom as a media outlet, as any media outlet would have. Finns says the paper undermines church teachings and lionizes dissident theologies. Coday responds that the paper is not activist and has no anti-Church agenda.

She points out changes he made from his sourcetexts and discusses both the possible causes and implications of hisalterations. Chance discusses in chapter six, "Feminizing Theseus in the Knight's Tale : The Victory of Pallas Athena over Mars how Chaucer'schange in deities alters the readers' perceptions of Theseus.

Dennis Coday acknowledges that previous local bishops have often disagreed with the Reporter, but says theyve treated the paper with a reluctant acceptance. Bishops who followed Helmsing agreed to interviews, and one even blessed the papers offices.

Natonal catholic reporter
Joseph diocese, was convicted of failing to report suspected child abuse, and the Reporter called for his resignation. Now, the Bishop says the papers anti-Church editorials have gone too far, and the Reporter should stop calling itself Catholic.
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