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You can also download the update here and apply it manually. More information: Issues with Outlook 2007 after applying KB2412171 Send/Receive error codes Searching in the error list below probably goes best with the Find function of your browser. No automatic send/receive upon starting Outlook or cannot edit Send/Receive settings. In those cases, reset your srs-file by renaming it to.old. Bug in update KB2412171 for Outlook 2007 The original version of update KB2412171 for Outlook 2007 caused several authentication issues namely with SPA and SSL. For most browsers the keyboard shortcut for the Find function is CTRLF. When typing in the error code, please note that the error code starts with the digit If it does, rename the ost-file to.old and have Outlook rebuild the ost-file or verify that the configured location for the ost-file in your account settings is valid. Stuck message or hidden read receipt A stuck message is also often a source of having send/receive issues.

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You can find more information about this in the manual of your firewall solution. Issues with add-ins Aside from virus scanners, there could be other add-ins installed which integrate itself with the send/receive process of Outlook.

Reported error 0x800ccc6a
While it is easy enough to spot a message stuck in your Outbox, in some cases the stuck message can be a Read Receipt which are hidden messages and thus much harder to recognize as the issues and to delete.
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