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Parker v. Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corp. (1970) Parker was awarded the entire amount of a breached acting contract, even though she turned down a similar contract Fox had offered her in its place for acting in another film of a different genre in a different location with slightly different provisions. Leingang v. City of Mandan Weed Board (1991) When the Weed Board breached a contract by assigning weed cutting jobs to companies other than Leingang, the trial court said that Leingang must, besides taking the price of the lost jobs and subtracting per-job expenses, also subtract other costs such as. Defendant around 13-old his wheat to another party for the price of 1.16 per bushel. Defendant processed more wheat on the wheat was ready for sale around, at which time the price of wheat was below 1 per bushel. V. Treat For a breach in September for staves due in December, a trial court awarded Reliance the difference between the contract price and the price at the time of breach, but on appeal the reversal said that "there is no duty to mitigate damages until there are damages to.

Lamkins v. International Harvester Co. (1944) Farm owner that ordered a tractor with lights for running at night did not receive the lights for about a year, but could not collect for not being able to harvest a crop because of not running at night because, in the absence of.

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In this case, the amount not paid was more than it would cost to finish construction, so nothing was owed plaintiff. Rockingham County v. Luten Bridge Co. (1929) A bridge company was contracted by a county to construct a bridge.
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