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Shirley Chisholm, First Black Woman Elected to Congress

During her tenure, Jackson has instituted massive crackdowns on the nuclear power industry's violations. Shirley Ann Jackson is a theoretical physicist who has spent her career researching and teaching about particle physics the branch of physics which uses theories and mathematics to predict the existence of subatomic particles and the. She crashed in the plane days later, on February 4, when the plane nose-dived. After a long recuperation from broken bones, and a longer struggle to find new backers, she finally was able to get some new bookings for her stunt flying. On Juneteenth (June 19) in 1924, she flew in a Texas air show. She bought another plane - this one also an older model, one that was low-priced enough that she could afford it.

A loose wrench got wedged in the open gear box, and the controls jammed. Bessie Coleman was thrown from the plane at 1,000 feet, and she died in the fall to the ground.

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Another memorial service there drew crowds as well. Every April 30, African American aviators - men and women - fly in formation over Lincoln Cemetery in southwest Chicago (Blue Island) and drop flowers on Bessie Coleman's grave.
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