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B.C. under Roman Law. The Twelve Tables of Roman Law, for example, made the theft of crops, when perpetrated at night a capital crime. An offender under the age of puberty, however, was usually fined and, on some occasions, flogged. But correlations and cause-and-effect relationships are not necessarily synonymous. We can safely assert, then, that although poverty and low economic standards are concomitant with delinquency, they are not indispensable characteristics. To be poor but hones is, in fact, the rule than the exception. Now few of the variables associated with crime and delinquency have been more misunderstood than that of poverty. Contrary to early investigations, recent studies indicate almost null relationship between poverty and delinquency.

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A public opinion poll e) a set of questions to be chosen by people or to be answered in their individual way. Ex. 2. Read the following text and check your answers: A great part of sociological research consists of quantitative experimenting.

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Surveys are also commonly used in descriptive research, in which a sociologist attempts to describe some category of people with regard to one or more variables of interest. Questionnaires and Interviews 1.
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