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More about DNA Genes interactive explore Build a DNA Molecule Find out how the DNA code letters A, C, G, and T make a DNA molecule by building one yourself. explore Anatomy of a Gene Introns, exons, and regulatory sequences: Examine the parts of a gene from "start" to "stop.". Asexual Reproduction Compare the two ways for organisms to pass genetic information to their offspring. video. The 4 Types of DNA and Molecular Genealogy. DNA analysis can help build the family tree. Interactive explore RNA's Role In The Central Dogma Learn the essential roles of the three most plentiful types of RNA messenger, transfer, and ribosomal in the processes of transcription and translation.

Our flash-based old tour is still available. More about Chromosomes learn more How do Scientists Read Chromosomes? To read a set of chromosomes, scientists look for key features to identify their similarities and differences.

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Explore What is Inheritance? Learn how traits pass from parents to offspring. explore What is Mutation? Take a look at how variation occurs. About the new tour We are pleased to offer you a partial preview of our new Tour of Basic Genetics.
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